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                                  Beware, this is yet another fraud run by Leslie Matthew Cheers, aka John Alexander, career criminal.

This is a newly started company that Cheers is using, and he is claiming to have a large parcel of land at Badgery's Creek in Sydney's outer west.
Cheers and a Richard Goodfellow claim to have 100 million shares in a re-cycling project in this area, and is looking to retain 51% of these and wanting to sell the remaining 49% at a dollar per share, ie, $49 million, to investors. It's all a hoax.

This is a total fraud and potential investors should stay away, or better still, report any discussions they may have had on this matter to Cleveland CIB in Brisbane, or contact us.

Wikifrauds understand that Cheers was arrested in Brisbane last Thursday, Feb 21, 2013 in relation to this and several other matters. We believe he is also wanted by police in Mackay and Dalby on a further six matters. We will be publishing more on this in the next few days.
Click this link to view Cheers advertisement for investors. 
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