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                                                  Leslie Matthew Cheers is a fraudster and predator, and scumbag!
Cheers also uses the alias John Alexander

List of persons and companies associated with Cheers
Last scam we have seen:

Keith Kelly, major partner of Cheers/Alexander, has defaulted on a property repayment schedule. He and Cheers did a deal for the purchase of a property, the terms of which were some cash and shares in one of Kelly's companies
. One only scheduled cash payment has been made, and Kelly won't respond to contacts made chasing payments. More on this soon. Kelly and Cheers and some others need to be jailed.

Cheers latest scams:  Published Oct 27, 2017
1. Luxury cars on finance delinquency list.
It has come to our notice that a major car finance company has been trying to collect payment arreas for about six prestige cars under the control of Les Cheers, who again has been calling himself John Alexander. The cars are under finance in the name of  Forsythe Global Marketing Pty Ltd.  Forsyth Global Marketing Pty Ltd directors are Brett John Mills, Keith Kelly, Raquel Hirvonen. Mills is secretary. Both Mills and Raquel Hirvonen are guarantors for the car finance contracts.

2. Forsythe Manufacturing Pty Ltd.
This is the re-incarnation of several former companies: Eghl Recycling and Skips Pty Ltd, Linkenbrook Pty Ltd, The Australian Pie Shop Pty Ltd and Tealcorp Pty Ltd.
The secretary and sole director is one Keith Kelly of 6 Kelsey Circuit, Nerang QLD 4211. (Just around the corner from 142 Eastlake Street Nerang, the HQ for Forsyth Global Marketing menioned above, which ASIC also records is the registered address for this mob.
It is clear from his behaviour and contacts he has made with numerous "victims" that Cheers calls the shots for these companies and is in fact the so-called brains behind them, but nowhere does he ever appear on any official documents of any registered companies. He uses other peoples names, is a convincing and plausable liar and doesn't care who he cons.
Claims made by Cheers include him being a buyer of dairy manufacturing businesses and farmland developments. All his efforts to weasel shares or money out of other busineses appear to have failed thus far but he persists.
We have had contacts from five such businesses each of whom have had sad experiences with Cheers and his cohorts.
A word of advice to you Les: Not all of our information comes from the public. You should look closer to home for someone you may have crossed, and who you perhaps should not trust. Maybe someone's wife ???

Bye the way Les, how's poor old Ruth going after losing some $2m in one of your scams? (Ruth is 88 years old, but he still got her money) See, it all surfaces sometime Les and we will not stop until you are finally arrested - again. One would imagine that after at least two terms in prison, you would have quit dudding people by now.

We are also informed that Cheers ripped off a Ray Powell to the tune of $1million. We are actively chasing further details, but our informant is high grade and we accept this information on face value.

Another connected entity, which concerned people have enquired, about is
Warrior Capital Pty Ltd, also of 142 Eastlake Street Nerang.

List of persons associated with Cheers, aka John Alexander, or have shares in Forsythe:
Keith Kelly                                                     
Brett John Mills
Raquel Hirvonen
Richard Goodfellow
Jim Bogoevski
Walter Frymml - Fraudster
Graeme Delaney - solicitor  (link)  This guy has "form" and is not allowed to practise without supervision.
Boyd Nelson - solicitor
John Raymond Best  - currently working for Sensient Technology in Keysborough VIC. Claims to be a broker who can access Emirates Wealth Funds. Finds target companies for Cheers to hit.
Anita Waterhouse
Robin Noel Whickam
Peter Liva & Facultus
Tony Morizoff
Wellington Investment Group Pty Ltd,  Warrior Capital Pty Ltd,  Ausiv Equity Limited,  Brighton Grand Pty Ltd,  Unity Funding Pty Ltd,

His scams include Linkenbrook Pty Ltd T/as Meridian Quarry     THIS IS A MUST READ!
P L Securities
Facultus Pty Ltd

He is also now running Euro Group Holdings Limited,
Forsythe Manufacturing Australia Pty Ltd., Forsythe Global Marketing. But his name appears nowhere on any ASIC documents.
Here's an extract from some information we recently received.                                                                    

Hi Guys
John Alexander is the principal shareholder of this company that manufacturing cheese and ice cream.
He wants to buys the shares in my client’s company (sanitised) for $5.6m - $3.8m in cash and $1.8m in shares in his company.
The problem is:

  1. The cheese making and retail facility is not owned by his company at all, and the owner is upset that John is purporting to own it
  2. The ice cream making plant in Melbourne has been vacant for 12 months according to the neighbours
  3. Basically this means that the assets are not there and the financials are rubbish.                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Updated: September 22, 2017
 If anyone has had, or is contemplating, dealings with this person, or anyone associated with him, please contact Wikifrauds urgently. 

Leslie Matthew Cheers, aka John Alexander  Cheers is a convicted fraudster who was sentenced to seven years jail for for dishonesty in the nineties. He has an extensive criminal record going into the last decade, and is now working with Peter Liva in trying to obtain fees in advance from would-be borrowers through PL Securities. See criminal history citation below.  We have further criminal history available relating to Cheers's activities involving unlicenced home constructions, deposits taken on land acquisition, forged documentation and signatures, and some downright callous predation on one insuspecting and trusting woman that Cheers met through an introduction agency. Readers wanting to see trial transcripts should contact us and we will forward them. These are lengthy documents too large to paste here. Companies (now defunct) he has been in control of are Devcon, Orchid Homes, Snowlake, Anivor, Flamekey and Whywait.

Cheers and Peter Liva (see below) are also working closely with a Richard Goodfellow and others we will name in this scam. Cheers has been using the name "John Alexander" and posing as a representative of victims in numerous contacts with Wikifrauds relating to the Peter Liva and Facultus scam. "Alexander's" email address ccwligistics@gmail.com  is the same email address Cheers uses to negotiate loan offers and fees collected for Peter Liva.

We also know that Cheers and Richard Goodfellow organised the registration of Liva's PL Securities for Liva, and were using this front company to raise fees for Liva, and that in turn it was Liva's solicitor Graeme Delaney who introduced Goodfellow to Liva!

Posing as "Alexander", Cheers twice "passed" on threats to us in the last few months that he, "Alexander" would be unable to control an "exitable, arm waiving Greek or Italian type character" from Sydney who would "deal with us" if we published the Facultus and Liva matter, which we have now done. He has also claimed to have a "heavy" in Sydney who would take care of anyone else who exposed Liva. These matters have already been advised to the Australian Federal Police and the NSW Police.

Update Nov 27 2012: This scumbag is still actively trying to borrow money and promising to repay from funds he alleges his accomplice Peter Liva now has. Under no circumstances should anyone lend this conman as much as a cigarette! Any attempts from him to borrow money or obtain fees for business dealings should be reported to the Fraud and Corporate Crime Group at Brisbane Police ( 07 3364 4125), or by contacting us.

Criminal Associate: Walter Frymml's name appears as a fellow director of many companies run by Cheers. It appears he has his own fraud history as disclosed by a news article in Gold Coast dot com

Also disclosed in a series of ASIC documents on Cheers' numerous companies are continued directorships and shareholdings of Judith Helen Wickham, Robin Noel Wickham, and Anitta Waterhouse. Waterhouse is well known deal spruiker on the Gold Coast.


[1997] QCA 329


CA No 214 of 1997 



..DATE 26/08/97 
260897 T17/HMH8 M/T COA19/97 
de JERSEY J: The applicant is a 54-year-old man who has sought 
leave to appeal against an effective sentence for offences of 
dishonesty of seven years with parole recommended after two and 
a half years. He pleaded guilty to the charges which explains 
in part the parole recommendation. The head sentence is partly 
referable to his prior criminal history, convictions for other 
dishonesty which had led to three years probation and, of 
course, to the circumstances of the particular offences.


The charges were spread over two indictments. The first contained a count of misappropriation with a circumstance of aggravation for which he was imprisoned for six years, seven counts of false pretences each of which attracted three years imprisonment, 11 counts of forgery with a circumstance of aggravation for which he imprisoned for seven years, and another seven counts of uttering with a circumstance of aggravation which attracted seven years.

A second indictment presented ex officio charged 31 counts of passing valueless cheques for which he was imprisoned for two years and eight counts of false pretences for which terms of three years were imposed. All of the sentences were to be served concurrently with an overall recommendation for release after two-and-a-half years.

The offences arose in these circumstances. The applicant in August 1992 approached one Wilson with a proposal to build 28 units. Mr Wilson was to provide the finance and the applicant to act as site supervisor. They were to share the profits equally after Mr Wilson recovered his $500,000 outlay for the 260897 T17/HMH8 M/T COA19/97

Purchase of the land.

The building commenced in March 1993 and Mr Wilson was the authorised signatory for cheques to pay for services and materials. The applicant provided certified copies of invoices and, acting on that certification, Mr Wilson would provide him with a cheque for payment for the invoice on the basis that he would then pass the cheque on to the provider of the goods and services.

As an example of what happened, on 17 March 1993 Mr Wilson was given a photocopy of an invoice from Why Wait Plumbing for $7,954.30 and wrote out a cheque for that amount. The invoice was false, no materials had been provided. The applicant went to his solicitor's office with the cheque which had a forged endorsement for the applicant's company. The applicant asked the solicitor to clear the cheque through his trust account because he said he did not have a banking account. The cheque was cleared and the applicant received a bank cheque.

On 8 April 1993 the applicant gave Mr Wilson an invoice from M L M Cartage for $2,342.50 and received a cheque from him in return. That invoice in fact related to work done at another site in which the applicant had an interest. Using the same procedure, he obtained a bank cheque from the solicitor. This was the general pattern relating to these offences, although there were variants. In the end, $41,790.78 was lost to the victims of these offences of dishonesty.

The second indictment related to a period August 1992 to May 
260897 T17/HMH8 M/T COA19/97 
1994 during which the applicant conducted 39 transactions on 
cheque accounts with six different financial institutions. The 
cheques were used to obtain goods and services which he used in 
his building enterprises or for goods and services used in fish 
and chips shops he conducted or to pay debts relating to his 
building enterprises. None of the cheques was met on 
presentation and the suppliers have never been paid. The total 
amount outstanding in respect of that indictment is $131,535.59 
so that the aggregate loss is $173,326.37.

There are two other features which bear mention relating to the applicant. The first is that he was an undischarged bankrupt throughout these periods. The second is that the offences committed after 1 September 1993 in respect of the second indictment occurred while he was on bail.

He pleaded guilty, although the plea in relation to the first indictment came only on the morning set for the trial. The sentencing was thereafter adjourned twice in the hope that some restitution could be arranged. It was first adjourned on 17 October 1996 until 17 April 1997, and then later from 17 April 1997 to 2 May 1997. Neither adjournment produced any financial relief for the victims so that that total amount remains outstanding.

Counsel for the Crown properly points out that the offences were serious and that they involved a deliberate and systematic course of dishonest conduct for almost two years involving 65 separate transactions. In all of these circumstances, a sentence of seven years with consideration for parole 260897 T17/HMH8 M/T COA19/97 recommended after two-and-a-half could not be described as manifestly excessive. The two cases to which we have been referred, Taylor, CA406 of 1994, and Keogh, CA408 of 1994, in each of which the ultimate sentence imposed was the same as here, provide ample support for the sentence which was imposed here, the circumstances of those particular cases being roughly comparable.

The applicant sought an adjournment of the hearing of this application and the circumstances which led the Court to decline to adjourn will appear sufficiently from the transcript of what has preceded this judgment this morning. When asked to argue the merits of his application, he referred only to a future possibility of restitution. The vagueness of that, accepting for argument's sake its relevance, is of course reminiscent of the vagueness apparently of prospects of restitution when raised before the learned sentencing Judge on the occasions which led to the adjournment of the sentencing process from 17 October 1996 ultimately to 2 May 1997. I would refuse the application.


McPHERSON JA: I agree.


Associate: "Dr" Peter (Pierino) Liva, QLD Australia. (Currently in Brussels)

Pierino John Liva, or "Dr" Peter Liva as he prefers to be known as, is a cheap fraudster from Australia with a long and very bad credit history. We have a list of around twenty or so people from whom he and his former company Facultus Pty Ltd, has snaffled somewhere between $2M and $3M over the last two years, using fake documents to con unwitting people with his scam plot. He is currently (as of October) still in Brussels staying at the Novatel - on other people's money we might add. Now he's trying it all over again with this new company PL Securities, and we have the documents to prove it. More details coming soon.

Credit History:       Obtained from Veda Advantage as results of a Multi-Power Express search on Facultus Pty Ltd.

Pierino John Liva,   D.O.B. 31 October, 1966, Werribee Victoria.
                                 Current Address: 12 Winterhaven Key, Broadbeach Waters QLD 4218  (The Gold Coast)

Court Judgements:  19/4/2011 Creditor  SOVEREIGN PROPERTIES PTY LTD                               Magistrates Court Judgement  $7015
                                  24/6/2008 Creditor TOWNHOUSE REMOVALS AND STORAGE PTY LTD  Local Court Judgement             $1674
                                  26/3/2007 Creditor  CHRISTOPHER MARK STANLEY                                    Local Court Judgement             $4789
                                  23/2/2007 Creditor  UNIQUE LOANS PTY LTD                                                  Local Court Judgement             $9380
Facultus Pty Ltd
Court Judgement:  24/8/2011  Creditor  SENSIS PTY LTD                                                                   Magistrates Court Judgement  $36327
Court Action          - Current    Creditor CHRISTOPHER JOHN CLARKE                                        Supreme Court Victoria            $43000
                                  Facultus Pty Ltd ordered into liquidation. Action not defended by Liva.
Business History
                                Start: Mar 1987        Director                      Talia Property Investment Pty Ltd                 Deregistered Sep   1987

                                Start: April 1988       Director/Secretary      Multilec Services Pty Ltd                               Derigistered   Jun   1993
                                Start: May 1996       Director/Secretary      Livacomp Pty Ltd                                            Deregistered  Mar  2004
                                Start: Aug  1987       Director/Secretary      Cantala Pty Ltd                                                Deregistered  Dec  1992

                                Start: Jun  1997        Director/Secretary      Brewco Holdings Pty Ltd                                Deregistered  Jun   1998
                                Start: Mar 1987        Director                       Bromac Investments Pty Ltd                          Deregistered  Sep  1997

                                Start: Jun 2000         Director/Secretary      Premier Focus Pty Ltd                                     Deregistered  Dec  2005
                                Start: Jan 2004         Director/Secretary      Corplink Services Pty Ltd                               Deregistered  Jul    2007
                                Start: May 2002       Sales Consultant          ANM Curtains

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