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February 25 2011 . . Ali seeks hackers to destroy our sites!
How grubby is this little self-admiring hero of Spain and saviour of world- wide projects, that he has to resort to hacking our sites. Much more honest to just settle his loan obligations. This just shows how low this egomaniac will stoop to stop us publishing the truth.

The fact is, Ashan Ali Syed is a plain thief, a proven liar, has never settled a deal in Australia or NZ, and is nothing short of a scheming disaster to humanity. We have more on Ali to be released in the coming week - and it will probably see the beginning of his well-earned downfall.

The image below is Ali's cheap attempt to hire a hacker.


Bit lousy Ali, . . .only offering 1000 Euros when you have $8 or 9 Billion. Give the kids a break, offer them say US$50,000, and lifetime membership at Racing Santander. You can afford that can't you Ali ?? And using Facebook too. What a genius Ali. Hard to trace huh!

Transcript from hackers website: WORLD HACKING ORGANISATION
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Community Organization to hack World Forums> protection from hacker> Forum security sites and forums
Do you want to get a 1000 euro against the penetration sites?
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Post ID                                                 PM 7.15 , 02-23-2011

Do you want to get a 1000 euro against the penetration sites?
A man asked me to break through to him to give me two for 1000 EURO has refused to ...
And this gift from me to you:)
These sites are required penetration
For further information you can Trusselo personon Facebook
Golo it only has Rslani
Lhacker Padova
He will know 165535: Location Aug 2010: Join date 2: Number of topics 59: Replies

A more literal translation than Google's above reads:

"A man asked me to hack two sites for him. In return he would give me 1000 euros but I refused...And this is a present from me to you. These are the sites that he asked me to hack. www.wikifrauds.net www.westerngulfadvisory.net For more information you can email the person on www.facebook.com/#/ihajjiten
Just tell him that L Hacker Padova sent you and he will know."
Latest news on the hackers:
Feb 27th, 2011. We anticipated that due to us publishing this information above, Ali wouldn't want the world to see it and ask awkward questions, so he would pull it down and cancel the reward. Well, he did just that, so the link above now only goes to that site. But the image above will remain here for all to see. Caught out again Ali. Even your PR people can't keep you under control. But as our stat-counter shows all web hits, we can tell you that Bahrain keeps camping on the site, and two or three hacking sites are tracking our websites. He has just hushed the dogs but they are still hunting us.

Indeed, if one does go to the site above and scrolls down the site where the forum members chat, the offer actually states that there is to be EU100 to start and on-going fees of EU1000 per month to hack our sites. I wonder if Ali would ever get around to paying these fees, or would there be another group of hopefulls out there in hacker land who also never get paid.

If he had nothing to hide, why go to all the bother and trouble we have caused him. The solution is in his hands - just settle the loan obligations, or is that just too much to expect.

Anything that exposes the truth about Ali must be stopped:
           First he tries to buy us out.
           Next he tries in vain to gather support letters from his 'clients' in Australia - they refused.
           Next best thing - hack into our sites!

He is hurting. This is NOT the legal action he said he had taken. This is illegal action, and shows another empty boast about us being fraudsters.