International Ventures (AUST) Pty Ltd
Recommendation: Do NOT pay this man any up-front fees for funding without undertaking proper due dilligence.
DISCLAIMER: Apart from any pasted items received from disaffected clients of Leamey's, most of the contents of this page are our opinions, apart from claims of his own wealth made by Leamey to his clients, and to ourselves. Please also see this website (linkHowever, this IS fact: Leamey's company International Ventures (Aust) Pty Ltd has applied to ASIC for voluntary deregistration (see Application).
If this company has been so remarkably successful and legitimate over such a long time, we wonder why. Avoid refunds? Avoid legal actions? Hide something?

Leamey has now assisted in creating  "counter websites" bearing similar names to ours. These websites contain twisted and malicious alleged facts charging us with extortion. This is an absolute untruth and fabrication. The fact is that Leamey has twice tried to bribe us into dropping this page and or selling this website. There is no limit to the ends that he will go to, including threats of violence, to protect his activities. Leamey continues to intimidate and threaten the owner editor of this site and has gone to extreme lengths in contacting personal friends of the editor's and leaving them voicemail messages charging the editor with all sorts of extravagant fabrications. Previous court matters have been raised and facts distorted and or deliberately presented out of context. THERE IS NOT A SINGLE THING THAT LEAMEY SAYS THAT COULD EVER BE TAKEN AS TRUTHFUL. The fact is, we caught him out and stopped his scammming. It hurt him and he now spends all of his time in malicious revenge. The guy is a true maniac.
And his scamming antics featured on Ch 9's "A Current Affair"  - link

                                                                                                              George Leonard Leamey (left)          Peter Nulty, AKA "Pete Johns", Leamey's partner. A convicted fraudster.     


 Latest: Leamey offers to buy our silence. The following is a direct transfer of a text message received from Leamey today, June 25,2020:  "I noticed my information has gone back up. I have engaged lawyers to represent me and have been contacted by multiple victims of your web site. They have put up a web site on you and lawyers are progressing a class action. I do not want to be party to this I would prefer my information just disappear off your site. However if you cannot agree to that then I will have no choice but to persue you and provide all information in my possession. Again much simple if we can come to an agreement to remove my information. I am not opposed to providing an agreement to do so. Please advise."  

Leamey threatens us again: July 25 2020, Leamey left a voicemail message on the editor's phone. Most of it was a tirade of legal action he planned to take over some "copyright" infringement he imagined we perpetrated. He has, so he says, a copyright on his name! What garbage. But then the message ended with, "enjoy your short life". Police have been notified and provided with the voicemail.
He also stated in an email of the same date that he has notified his 33,000 (yes, thirty-three thousand!) investors and funders of  our "extortionate" website. This bloke is dreaming! No wonder people don't believe him.
Leamey's new lawyers: Below                                                                                                        
Read complaint emails below:

We believe that George Leonard Leamey is a conman, and it is our opinion that his company "International Ventures Pty Ltd" is nothing but a scam.
We are not alone in our opinion, check this facebook page. Link
We have received a numerous complaints about this "fees up-front' deal from a lot of people who have paid Leamey and acheived nothing.
PERSONAL THREATS: Meantime, the editor received this voicemail on his private phone at 6.00pm June 19, 2020. We do not know how Leamey managed to obtain the phone number, but this is just the last of a string of No caller ID's received at all hours of the night over the last week. And its the second such No Caller ID threatening voicemail in the last seven days. Play (warning - contains foul language) The threats have been reported to NSW Police who can and indeed are tracing the source of the No Caller ID calls and messages.

Now he has gone to the extraordinary lengths of finding and contacting the editor's golfing partners to try to discredit us. There are no bounds that he will not cross in his vengeanfull attacks on us. Why - because we exposed him bigtime, and as Jack Nicholson said in 'A few Good Men',  "You can't handle the truth", meaning he, Leamey, can't handle the facts about him. His only recourse is to attack our well-proven  ten year old credentials with lies and fabricated facts (fiction). Here's an extract from another abusive email from Leamey recieved on Sep 2, 2020: ".....but you can rest assured I am not the only one who in on ya arse Johnny boy and some of them now know how to get a hold of you in person.".

Two Lucky Escapes: Below are two pasted emails from two could-have-been clients who managed lucky escapes:
First escape: George Leamey is a crook and I was lucky enough to cotton on to this piece of work and his dodgy mates before they were able to part with my money. All of the testimonials on his website were bogus and after a little digging it appears that his chums Pete Nulty and Tony Marks are also in on the act. Pete has a track record and Tony is a real estate agent, go figure.  After promising you the world, he quickly looks to steal your cash with an upfront payment. Alarm bells started to sound pretty early on and I sincerely hope that this bloke ends up behind bars. George, Pete and Tony are about as slimy as they come. Beware 
Second escape: So unfortunately at first i thought i did my due diligence but turns out not. I got in contact with these crims at the start of 2020 and met george face to face around feb , did the whole show talked about the cats he owned the private jet deals , buying a house on the gold coast turned up in a mustang of all things? Got sucked in payed the money then all of a sudden george resigned so i was dealing with peter and andrew, then coronavirus broke out and as you can imagine excuses started to coming, went on for like 3 months then the website was down , started sending george endless emails demanding a refund or threatening legal action after finding your website then 4 days later i heard from andrew trying to call me on a hidden number , i absolutely do not answer those calls then he reached out to me in linkedin claiming he didnt know of my emails but i gave him nothing i just kept pushing and went with the same legel threats and then the story was I'm reaching out to you to give a refund , which i got and said the company hadn't been trading since coronavirus but we know this is a lie and now has requested to be unregistered on ASIC. Also andrew would not send me a proper email, only messages on linkedin. I got my refund on the 9th of July 2020

Barred Director . . link
UPDATE: March 9 2020   Leamey now has a new site, again with no evidence of connections, history or an "About Us" tab. Just another scam site, don't go there, you will get hurt!

Note: Leamy is banned from holding an Australian Financial Services Licence  Link  Disqualifications don't happen without good reasons.

WE HAVE NOW RECEIVED OVER A DOZEN COMPLAINTS about Leamey's operation. His modus opperandi is to get people to pay a huge upfront fee for an introduction to a supposed lender. Victims pay the fee, usually around $25,000 but some higher, then sign some agreement, and then no introduction takes place, or a bogus introduction takes place, meetings with the supposed funder are apparently made, but no meetings ever take place, not one! The latest policy is now aimed at smaller borowers who are paying lesser amounts that range from $2500 to $10,000 odd.
Leamey's former lawyers, Stone Lawyers, who we know have been made aware of Leamey's conduct, continued to act on his behalf until approximately Feb 28 this year. It is our opinion that lawyers, being officers of the Courts, have some responsibility to be certain to ensure that their clients are acting legally, but it seems to have escaped this law firm. We know that they were alerted of Leamey's scams by one victim way back in December last year, and that they did not respond to the victims's alegations, despite being supplied with adequate proof of the scam. (We have all the emails and from this victim to Stones). We have emailed Nick Stone about our concerns but he has failed to respond. Further, Leamy has told one "investor" that he purchased Stone Lawyers for $20M. This has been denied to that investor by Stone's, who have now made demands that we delete all reference to them on this webpage.
June 12 2020:
Stone Lawyers no longer act for Leamey. However we have correspondence in which Leamey advises one victim that he should now contact his new lawyer, Bruce Murray of Bruce Murray Lawyers. So we made contact and were advised by Mr Murray himself that they "do not and have not acted for Leamey". So don't get bluffed by Leamey's bullshit!
His latest lawyers as of Mid-July are Ramsden Lawyers of Bundall QLD. Phone 07 5554 1944. The solicitor acting is Sonaaz Farhadi-Fard. Email to We suggest all complainants contact this firm now with their concerns.

All claims on Leamey's websites are false, we checked on all of his supposed clients, and none of the firms he quoted actually existed according to ASIC's registers.
Secondly, the website has no "About us" section where one would expect a list of who's who in the company and their respective credentials.

We also have the ASIC registration of the company, which is registered in NSW, with an address in Cavill Ave Surfers Paradise QLD, and a contact address in Studfield Vic. Yet one of our victims has been advised by Leamey that they operate out of a Collins St address in Melbourne. Leamey's business card even says they have an office in Sydney. WTF -Go Figure! ASIC Extract  The extract shows the company was first registered in February 2019, yet one of their testimonials says they (thier supposed client) were fully funded in 2017, two years before the company existed! Other testimonials state that the testifier would be happy to discuss International Ventures with anyone wishing to enquire - but no link, email address or phone number is supplied. This is a glamorous looking website, but it's all bullshit. link

The most outrageous claim made by George Leamey is that he sources his funds from Hungarian billionaire George Soros. Yeah, right, as if. What crap. We have copies of text messages where Leamey was supposedly arranging for our informant to travel to Singapore to meet the Soros team. Well, what do know - it never happened of course, but the bastard Leamey kept all the fees.

UPDATE Jan 4, 2020: Leamey's UK company has now been deregistered by Companies House, London. link  We hear that he is also now setting up corporate entities in the British Virgin Islands and Delaware USA.

One of our complainants has received an offer from Leamey to repay just half of the 25,000 Euros ($40,000 AUS Dollars) he paid up-front for a service never provided by Leamy. If Leamey does not repay the full amount, we will publish all of the damning correspondence we have on hand, including meetings supposedly arranged by Leamey but which never eventuated. All BS designed to retain the client's money. So now it appears that this scumbag Leamey is stalling for time to enable him to con someone else so he can repay this client in full. If it smells like a Ponzi Scheme, then that's what it is.

The details also implicate a Robert Archer (below right) and Tony Marks both  alledgedly of Appleby Real Estate as Leamey's conduits to Soros. So Mr Archer, what do you say about this?
                                                                         Tony Marks                                                        Robert Archer
UPDATE FEB 26, 2020:
We now know through an informant that Mr Archer above was in fact talked into working for Leamey around early July 2019. He resigned in December last having discovered bit by bit that Leamey and International Ventures was a sham designed to rake off up-front fees from would be borrowers. The insider confirmed that Leamy does not know Boros or any other legitimate funder, and that not one loan application ever went anywhere. Everything about Leamy and his company and the website is all a total fiction. And we are also informed that Leamy IS indeed the same Leamey mentioned below.
So, apart from conning thousands of dollars from would be borrowers, Leamy has wrecked the professional reputations of two bright young men who gave up their careers in real estate to join what they thought to be a legitimate international lending practice.

The informant mentioned above is one Tony Marks, who also claimed was an agent with Appelby Real Estate. Since speaking with him on Jan 13, we have not heard a word back. The phone call was terminated rather abruptly by Marks who said he would call back "in a minute". He did not, We sent him the webpage for comment and heard nothing.
Our victim however did email Marks to give him a "heads up" that documents and emails to and from him would be part of the body of evidence to be presented to authorities. The reaction from Marks is astonishing. His emails back to our victim show what a little conniving con artist he is himself. He even called our victim an asshole! Both our victim and ourselves are of the opinion that right up to the time things became public, they were both happy to work for Leamey and were being paid commissions on money scammed for Leamey.

Furthermore, Marks has made no attempt to edit himself out from his profile on Linked In, where he still appears as a rep for Leamey.

Leamey's outrageous claims of his own wealth: These are stories that several victims have been told by Leamy, and which have been dispelled after a lot of investigation. He even has the cheek to brag about his claimed assets which in fact are not his - he just picks up glamorous looking rich boy's toys from the internet, copies images to his phone and shows them to his would be victims. Here's just a few:
Other claims: He is a former officer of the Australian Army's elite SAS force, is a personal friend of George Soros, Hungarian American billionaire. His so-called private list of capital funders does not exist. What people are shown is a list of so-called lenders available on the internet to anyone. Copied and pasted for the benefit of new clients - victims that is.

We also know that his old partner-in-crime, Peter John Nulty who is a convicted fraudster (read more), is still working with Leamey. Nulty was ordered to repay over $300,000 to buyers of caravans from Leamey's business, see link below to Sunshine Coast Daily. He now goes by the name "Pete Johns" when acting as Leamey's go-between the client/victim and a supposed lender who doesn't exist.
Latest: Leamey promised to commence a repayment plan to one of his victims. Payments were to be cleared funds by Tuesday March 3, 2020 AEST. The payment has not been made, and most likely will never be paid. It is now our understanding that Leamey wishes to enter into some protracted repayment plan of small amounts over the following twelve months, provided that the client admits to extorting Leamey to achieve the refund.
The following are just a few of the complaints and comments (cut and pasted from emails we have received) from clients of Leamey's. Senders names and contact details have been redacted for obvious reasons.

Dec 21, 2019 "Hi, I was wandering if you could look into a case of fraud. I would very much like to have it exposed, as I see it is actually a continuous activity of the said individual. Namely Mr. George Leonard Leamey, International Ventures Pty Ltd. He scammed me of about 40.000 AUD, and from my knowledge there are quite a lot of victims in the same situation.. Thank you"

Jan 10, 2020 This from one of his former staffers, received a few days after we first published: "Hello, If you would like further information to support your research, I can be contacted on 040XXXXXXX. Regards A Marks"

Jan 23, 2020 "Hi Guys, I have a meeting with Mr Leamey on Xday ( I am connected to someone who has paid him close to $100k ). I have known he is a con through watching his dealings at a distance on some monumental property deals .... close to 900 million. Anyway I would love to have a chat tomorrow and I will also be making contact with ACA tomorrow to see if they are interested in a sting...Please keep my name and contact details confidential."

Feb 13, 2020 "Hi Wiki Frauds, We are another victim of Leamy`s very good scam .Please contact & we will discuss. Cheers," Sent from my iPhone

June 12, 2020 "Hi, I am involved with this company - the one mentioned on the site - and was wondering what others have done in the past, and if anyone has any success with getting funded. Thanks,"

June 21,2020"Hi there, I have been directed to you as I have been “working with” International VC for 6 months in regards to investment into my start up. Over the 6 months a lot of red flags have been raised, including sites that look fake from “potential investors” and heavy hitters in my industry. This week Int VC phone numbers, emails and the website have been blocked from me to get in contact with. I have given around $10k to Int VC and I’m really worried about it all. I know I should have been more careful and did more to realise this wasn’t a good opportunity as I thought it was. Please contact me on 04xxxxxxxxx to discuss this further. Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience.Kind regards,"

June 26,2020 "Great webpage! This asshole deserves this and more. I hope they lock him up, the scum bag! If you want more dirt on him, my father in law was an old friend of his. I believe he has contacted you already. Anyway feel free to contact me. It will go to voicemail, just leave a message and I’ll call you back. Thanks. . . . " .  We did follow-up with a call, and what we were told relating to Mr Leamey was staggering and involved withholding and dealing with other peoples' goods. We are endeavouring to obtain the records from the Ringwood (Vic) Magistrates Court and or Lilydale police. It is this matter which prompted this following email to another website on June 17:  "I have known George Leamey for over 30years I know his business practices are interesting and dealing with him is like holding a snake. But if u get bitten it’s your own fault. Do your due diligence he proclaims to have backers in Hong Kong, crap, backers in China crap. 30 years and he bite me because I relaxed my grip for 1 second and watched 30k disappear. . I don’t blame george or his wife bronwyn or the kids Cooper and Paige no more than you can blame an ice addict for stealing for his hit George is a text book psychopath and will do anything for monetary gain and his own benefit. Trust will kill you."  We will keep this line of enquiry going and are expecting more information shortly - watch this space.

There are many more emails received, all in the same vein, all claiming to have paid serious money for no result whatsoever.

Leamey has now teamed up with a scammer we have already exposed, in Doug McCoy. Leamey has stated that the two of them will be taking a class action against Wikifrauds. That's great news, we would love to have them both before a judge, who can hear first-hand the complaints against them.
George Leonard Leamey is mentioned in the following links which discuss some of his earlier business dealings with his partner, Peter Nulty who was convicted on fraud counts.Facebook link

Link Sunshine Coast Daily:      Australian Government Business Register records.

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