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Do NOT pay this man any up-front fees for funding.
George Leonard Leamey

Coming soon - a full expose` on this conman, and his scam company "International Ventures Pty Ltd"
We have received a number of complaints about this "fees up-front' scam and will be providing details in coming days.
UPDATE: JAN 13, 2020

For starters, claims on their website are false, we checked on all of the referred supposed clients, and none actually existed according to ASIC's registers.
Secondly, the website has no "About us" section where one would expect a list of who's who in the company and their respective credentials.
We also have the ASIC registration of the company, which is registered in NSW, with an address in Cavill Ave Surfers Paradise QLD, and a contact address in Studfield Vic. Yet one of our victims has been advised that they operate out of a Collins St address in Melbourne. Leamey's business card even says they have an office in Sydney. WTF -Go Figure! ASIC Extract  The extract shows the company was first registered in February 2019, yet one of their testimonials says they (thier supposed client) were fully funded in 2017, two years before the company existed! Other testimonials state that the testifier would be happy to discuss International Ventures with anyone wishing to enquire - but no link, email address or phone number is supplied. This is a glamorous looking website, but it's all bullshit. link

The most outrageous claim made by the "nobody" George Leamey is that he sources his funds from Hungarian billionaire George Soros. Yeah, right, as if. What crap. We have copies of text messages where Leamey was supposedly arranging for our informant to travel to Singapore to meet the Soros team. Well, what do know - it never happened of course, but the bastard Leamey kept all the fees.

UPDATE Jan 4, 2020: Leamey's UK company has now been deregistered by Companies House, London. link

One of our complainants has received an offer from Leamey to repay just half of the 25,000 Euros ($40,000 AUS Dollars) he paid up-front for a service never provided by Leamy. If Leamey does not repay the full amount, we will publish all of the damning correspondence we have on hand, including meetings supposedly arranged by Leamey but which never eventuated. All BS designed to retain the client's money. So now it appears that this scumbag Leamey is stalling for time to enable him to con someone else so he can repay this client in full. If it smells like a Ponzi Scheme, then that's what it is.

The details also implicate a Robert Archer (below) alledgedly of Appleby Real Estate as Leamey's conduit to Soros. So Mr Archer, what do you say about this?
UPDATE JAN 13, 2020:
We now know through an informant that Mr Archer above was in fact conned into working for Leamey around early July 2019. He resigned in December last having discovered bit by bit that Leamey and International Ventures was a sham designed to rake off up-front fees from would be borrowers. The insider confirmed that Leamy does not know Boros or any other legitimate funder, and that not one loan application ever went anywhere. Everything about Leamy and his company and the website is all a total fiction. And we are also informed that Leamy IS indeed the same Leamey mentioned below.
So, apart from conning thousands of dollars from would be borrowers, Leamy has wrecked the professional reputations of two bright young men who gave up their careers in real estate to join what they thought to be a legitimate international lending practice.

The informant mentioned above is one Tony Marks, who also claimed was an agent with Appelby Real Estate. Since speaking with him on Jan 13, we have not heard a word back. The phone call was terminated rather abruptly by Marks who said he would call back "in a minute". He did not, We sent him the webpage for comment and heard nothing.
Our victim however did email Marks to give him a "heads up" that documents and emails to and from him would be part of the body of evidence to be presented to authorities. The reaction from Marks is astonishing. His emails back to our victim show what a little conniving con artist he is himself. He even called our victim an asshole! Both our victim and ourselves are of the opinion that right up to the time things became public, they were both happy to work for Leamey and were being paid commissions on money scammed for Leamey.

We also believe the George Leonard Leamey mentioned in the links below is the same man - too much to expect that there are actually two George Leonard Leameys' NOW COMFIRMED AS TRUE!
Link Sunshine Coast Daily:      Australian Government Business Register records.

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