Eden Capital Markets
                                                                    Nicholas Boyd-Matthews
Beware!  This man is a fraudster, conman and convicted drug offender, and has stolen huge sums of money from investors.    
                                                                                    A search of the WA Criminal records show a conviction for possesion of a prohibited substance.

UNLICENCED financial advisor!
Boyd-Matthews is now head of Eden Capital Markets based in Perth WA. A search of the Australian Financial Services Licences list reveals that neither he, nor any of his listed associates, hold current valid AFS licences. His current name has been changed by deed poll from Nicholas Pereza-Matthews.

Very curious how when one clicks on his profile in his Eden Capital Markets home page, that this scumbag completely omits his time at Phillip Capital and Octa Phillip. Too damaging for him if people look a little deeper into his background. And that's why he changed his name - too many skeletons in his closet! link
It is alleged, and backed up by several statements by a number of victims, that Nicholas Perez-Matthews, as he was formerlly known, stole millions of dollars of their investments in the then known 2UP Gaming, now Heurston Group. It is alleged that the swindle was aided and abbetted by Phillip Capital staff, namely Justin Betteridge who claimed to work for them, and a Mark O'Brien, then Portfolio Manager at Octa Phillip Securities Limited.

      Wayne Comer letter: Comer%20Statement.pdf
      Adrian Jones Letter  Adrian%20Jones%20Statement.pdf
      Tracey Carr letter     Carr%20Statement.pdf
      Waite letter               Waite%20Statement.pdf
      Kieran Murphy letter Murphy%20statement.pdf
      Cari statement           Cari%20Statement.pdf

 So much for Phillip Capital's good governance and so-called compliance department. They have a lot to answer for, and they must do so or perhaps lose their Australian Financial Services Licence. Either way, the matter should be investigated by ASIC and the Australian Stock Exchange, and probably the responsible Police Fraud Squad. Further, why was the then Pereza-Matthews even allowed to be employed by Phillip Capital when he had NO AUSTRALIAN FINANCIAL SERVICES LICENCE at that time. In fact, he was de-registered by the UK authorites before blighting Australian shores! He's a thief first class, and so is Betteridge.

Further, we know of one such victim who has already served Phillip capital with a Writ and Statement of Claim amounting to a very substantial sum of money. It is our understanding that this matter is due to be heard in the Victorian County Court, Commercial Division, General List, on Monday October 22, 2018. (No CI-18-01025)

There are quite a few people looking for this bloke,  so please let us know if you have any clue to his whereabouts.


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