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                                  Doug McCoy, consumate conman,    . . . . the real McCoy

                           Warning!  This conman is one of the worst, a complete scammer!                                       
Doug McCoy is a shameless conman who preys on vulnerable older people, particularly older women with property but little income. His modus opperandi is to approach such people and with his considerable selling skills cons them into entering joint venture agreements to develop their properties, injects no cash himself, plays at doing planning work, then registers caveats on their properties. In one case he conned one victim into allowing himself and his mother move into and occupy a small dwelling on the old lady's country property.

We have several copies of these bogus and unenforceable agreements upon which he has relied to lodge the caveats mentioned, and we will publish these in coming days. McCoy is also closely associated with two other conmen, John Alexander and Keith Kelly

Meantime, anyone who has information on this man or who has also been conned, may contact us in confidence for further details.

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