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Beware of dealing with this man!  
Brian Lincez
Owner of Starwhist and Rising Sun Lifestyle.

We are not saying he's a fraudster, just that he does not keep his word.

Brian Lincez, a New Zealander living in Queensland, is the owner of several companies including Starwhist and Rising Sun Lifestyle. He is a very wealthy man by any measure.
The problem with Brian is that he doesn't always honor his agreements. Written ones at that.

Brian had also become a victim of one Bill Field who scammed him for several million in a sham share transaction.

Wikifrauds has for several months been trying to get Field to pay Lincez back the value and cost of these shares. The story is on the page dealing with Field. We have been acting on the behest of another interested party who has also been chasing Field on behalf of Lincez.  Herein lies the current issue: Lincez already owes this other party some considerable amount for recovery services - many hundreds of thousands of dollars in fact. He has owed this for some time now, and will not pay even though he is under a written agreement for services and property recovered.

So Mr Lincez is now exposed as a renegging operator, who has used other people to achieve his own ends, and then stood them up and left them high and dry.

Readers are urged to steer well away from Lincez, as in the end, it seems he's just another old untrustworthy ratbag. We intend adding more to this page in the near future.

Update: We have received a lot of fies since first publishing. One very interesting file is a loan contract wherein the repayment is to be in two tranches: one the normal settlement, the other to be $100,000 in cash to Lincez, obviously to avoid tax liability. We wonder whether we should refer this contract to the ATO.

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