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    William Lindsay Field, also known as Bill Field and Billy Field, Corporate crook and conman, owes millions and won't pay. For those looking for him, his current address is 49/3 Wulumay Close, Roselle NSW. Interested parties can contact us for his phone number.
This is just some of the sordid history of this con-artist:
Field's failed companies: Think Systems Pty Ltd, Energy Appliances Australia Pty Ltd, Macquarie Centre Betta Pty Ltd, V2Pay Group Pte Ltd (Singapore based), 888 Red Pty Ltd All of these companies have cost investors millions.

Telstra: Telstra lost approximately $22 Million in a Joint Venture with Field, and nobody (except Field) knows where it went. Link

V2 Pay Group Pte Ltd:
Set up in Singapore to supposedly create some fancy pay systems. Has never turned a dollar. Here we have several victims, notably  Mr Brian Lincez who is owed some $1.6 Million. (We have on hand a signed achnowledgent of the debt, an agreement to repay firstly $500k then the balance of $1.5M, signed by Field. NO MONEY has been repaid! We also know he owes some $80K to a former employee Rick Whaite, who with his family invested in V2PAY.  A False Statutory Declaration has also been provided by Field. WE checked the place and witness details of this declaration supposedly made at Galston Medical Clinic NSW only to find that the Doctor who supposedly witnessed the declaration, Doctor Thomas, has never worked at the clinic, and indeed he probably doesn't even exist.
Bill Field is no stranger to falsehoods. See declaration.
Promises to pay but never does: The following is just one email where Field promises to commence repayment of a substantial loan

------- Original message --------

From: Bill Field <bill@v2pay.com>
Date: 29/3/18 11:06 am (GMT+10:00)
To: raymondarthur48@gmail.com
Subject: Brian Settlement confirmation
Confirming our call today
The first instalment of $100,000 will be made towards the settlement of loan from Brian by the close of April
We may make periodic payments during the month, however by the close of April the full $100k will be made
If you could forward the account details for the funds settlement
Regards Bill Field
. . . . . . . . never happened!

The V2Pay website
is still up. We think his webpage designer has not got a bullshit metre working!

Field's Singapore Director, Lawyer Lee Chiat Jin Jeffery, filed several complaints with the Singapore Police requesting they investigate Field for wrongful issuing shares in V2Pay, and one complaint in particular alegges that Field stole 1M Sterling in cash from his own company. Beat that!

Activities File.
See attached pdf file which, although a little disjointed (it came that way to us) details numerous matters including reports made to Singapore Police, false share certificates, promises made but not kept by Field and lots more. pdf file

ASIC has dealt with Field on prior occasions with regard to some of his companies being run by him when a bankrupt. Link
Seems the apple hasn't fallen far from the tree -
Field's daughter Dominique has also been dealt with by ASIC Link for a number of offences realting to Bill's businesses. Either she is blinded by father Bill, or just a crook like him, or Bill himself couldn't care less if he brought-up another con artist.

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